“Shocker Alert: Chashni just revealed the most predictable plot twist ever that will shock…absolutely no one! But you still won’t be able to resist reading on!”

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Chandni and Raunaq reveal Sanjot’s truth to Sumer

In the latest episode of Chashni on May 21, 2023, the show took a dramatic turn as Chandni and Raunaq revealed the truth about Sanjot to Sumer. Here’s an overview of what happened in the episode:

Raunaq apologizes to Sumer

The episode starts with Raunaq apologizing to Sumer for his behavior. He says that he realized that he was wrong and that he is a bad son. Sumer is surprised by Raunaq’s sudden change of heart.

Chandni explains the situation

Chandni tells Sumer that their situation will never allow them to unite. She also tells him that they will reveal the truth about Sanjot soon.

Nani talks to Sanjot

Nani tries to talk to Sanjot about Nisha’s worries. However, Sanjot is not interested in talking to her.

Sanjot and Nisha have a fight

Sanjot scolds Nisha for not being disciplined. She threatens to send her to a hostel if she doesn’t start behaving.

Chandni and Raunaq reveal Sanjot’s truth

Chandni and Raunaq tell Sumer that Sanjot was responsible for Chitra’s death. They also tell him that Sanjot had planned attacks on Roshni.

Sumer doesn’t believe them

Sumer doesn’t believe Chandni and Raunaq. He scolds them for joking about Sanjot. However, they show him a video in which Sanjot admits to her crimes.

Sumer gets angry

Sumer gets angry at Chandni and Raunaq. He misunderstands them and thinks that they are trying to break his relationship with Sanjot.

In the Precap, Sanjot declares that she was in her senses that night and they will have a battle. Raunaq and Chandni hold hands, and Sumer reveals that Roshni is pregnant.

This episode of Chashni was full of suspense and drama. The viewers are eagerly waiting to see what will happen in the next episode.

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