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Shocking Revelations in Chashni: Vimla Reveals the Truth About Chitra’s Death

In the latest episode of Chashni, Vimla reveals to Raunaq the shocking truth about Chitra’s death. She discloses that Sanjot, who had initially created fake evidence regarding Sumer’s affair, had later resorted to more sinister methods to get rid of Chitra. Here are the key highlights from the episode:

  • Vimla tells Raunaq that Sanjot had bribed Chitra’s doctor to administer the wrong medicines, which caused her to suffer a fatal heart attack.
  • Raunaq is devastated by the revelation and vows to send Sanjot to prison for her heinous crime.
  • Vimla also confesses to Chandni that she had been forced by Sanjot to attempt to harm her and Roshni.
  • Sanjot, however, is undeterred and threatens Vimla with dire consequences if she fails to obey her orders.
  • Meanwhile, Raunaq regrets his earlier suspicions about Sumer and confesses to Chandni that he was not there to support his family when they needed him the most.
  • Chandni and Raunaq bond over their shared pain and resolve to find a way to bring Sanjot to justice.

The stakes are high as the two protagonists try to navigate the dangerous web of deceit and betrayal that Sanjot has woven around them. Will they be able to find the evidence they need to prove Sanjot’s guilt and save Roshni from her clutches? Tune in to the next episode of Chashni to find out.

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