“Shoaib Ibrahim unveils jaw-dropping transformation as ‘Pathan’ – You won’t believe what he did for the first time ever!”

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Ajooni Fame Shoaib Ibrahim Shares New Look as ‘Pathan’: Sports Lenses for the First Time

Shoaib Ibrahim, popularly known for his role as Rajveer Bagga in the TV show ‘Ajooni’, is all set to don a new avatar for a disguised appearance. In a recent interview, Shoaib shared what underwent to create this new look and why he has taken a disguised look.

The Reason for the Disguise

Talking about the new look, Shoaib said, “There is an immensely remarkable event that is set to unfold in the show, and to match its excitement, I have embraced a thrilling appearance as a bodyguard. As Rajveer, my character has always been dedicated to protecting the family, and he has now adopted a fresh approach to continue doing so.”

The Transformation Process

Shoaib is excited to portray the role of ‘Pathan’ the Bodyguard, as his appearance has undergone a striking transformation that exudes toughness. He adds, “I’ve worn lenses for the first time in my life, so initially, I faced a lot of problems, but then I gradually got used to it.”

The process of perfecting this look was time-consuming, but the makeup artist delivered an exceptional result that has made Shoaib truly excited to see the audience’s response to witnessing him in this captivating new appearance.

Final Thoughts

Shoaib’s new look is a testament to his versatility as an actor. Fans of his previous work are eager to see how he will bring this new character to life in the upcoming episodes of the show.

As an audience, we look forward to watching the exciting storyline unfold while admiring Shoaib’s commitment to bringing authenticity to every role he portrays.

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