“Part 24 of Sacrifice of Love: You won’t believe what Jabir does next! (Hint: It involves sacrificing a unicorn and a bucket of glitter)”

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Kabir Reunites with his Past

5 Years Later…

Kabir sat in a room filled with emotions and memories of his past. He couldn’t help but think about Pooja, the woman he lost forever and couldn’t find again. He wrote in his diary, reminiscing about that fateful day when her brother and she got married, and he left the city, pretending to have a business proposal.

  • He left to avoid seeing them together, unable to bear the pain of losing his love.
  • Pooja knew why he was leaving but didn’t say anything, perhaps losing all hope.
  • Ayaz was the only one he could share his pain and feelings with, but he also left for his hometown as his father was ill.

A tear fell from Kabir’s eyes, a reminiscence of his love for Pooja.

A New Project

Kabir’s phone rang, and he received a project proposal that compelled him to leave the city. Kabir entered the village and was amazed to see its beauty, but he parked his car outside since the streets were congested. A villager showed him around, pointing out the beautiful crops almost ready for harvest.

  • The villager showed Kabir around the village and its beauty.

Kabir spotted someone he couldn’t believe his eyes- his Pooja. He tried to ignore those thoughts and concentrate on his work. But his restlessness wouldn’t let him forget the face of his lost love.

A Tearful Conversation

The next day, Kabir saw Pooja again and couldn’t resist asking his mother Suman about her. She hesitated at first, but he insisted, and she revealed Pooja went to meet her dad. He had talked to her dad, who said Pooja wasn’t there, confusing him.

  • Kabir was curious about Pooja’s whereabouts.
  • His mother hesitated initially but eventually revealed that Pooja was well and with her husband.
  • Kabir had talked to Pooja’s dad and discovered that she wasn’t with him.

Kabir realized he wanted to know more to clear his confusion- did Pooja leave her husband? His mother tried to avoid the situation, but he forced her to reveal the truth. She finally spoke: “They’re not together anymore.”

Kabir broke down into tears, realizing he could have been with Pooja all this while. The lost love of his past, now standing before him.

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