“Parineeti Chopra Shockingly Reveals She Doesn’t Want a Husband Like Her Father – You Won’t Believe What She’s Looking For Instead!”

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Parineeti Chopra talks about the qualities she wants in her future husband

In a recent traditional engagement ceremony, Bollywood actress Parineeti Chopra got engaged to Raghav Chadha in Delhi. While pictures and videos of the star-studded engagement ceremony are still circulating on social media, an old video of Parineeti has resurfaced, where she talks about the qualities she desires in her future husband.

What does Parineeti Chopra want in a future husband?

During an interview with Aamir Khan, Parineeti talked about the qualities she is looking for in her future husband. She revealed, “Maine bahot logon se suna hai yeh kehte hue ki mujhe bilkul apne papa jaisa ladka chahiye. Main toh kabhi nai kehte yeh ki mujhe apne dad jaisa ladka chahiye.” This basically means that she doesn’t want to marry someone like her strict father.

What are some specific qualities she is looking for?

  • She wants a husband who can express his feelings, even if he is male.
  • She believes that expressing oneself doesn’t make a man any less of a man.
  • She wants someone who is more egalitarian in their views and isn’t bound by gender stereotypes.

Why is this important?

Parineeti’s comments are important because they showcase the changing perceptions and expectations of modern women in relationships. Her comments also show that even celebrities aren’t immune to societal pressures when it comes to traditional gender roles and expectations in marriage.

Who attended Parineeti Chopra’s engagement ceremony?

Parineeti’s engagement ceremony was attended by close friends and family, but it also saw the presence of Priyanka Chopra Jonas along with her husband Nick and daughter Malti Marie.

In conclusion, Parineeti’s comments regarding the qualities she desires in her future husband are reflective of the changing societal norms and expectations. Her engagement to Raghav Chadha is a testament to the fact that marriage and relationships are constantly evolving and are becoming more egalitarian in their approach.

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