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Pandya Store 25th May 2023 Written Episode: Arushi and Shiva’s Engagement

Raavi and Rishita Confront Shiva

Raavi calls Dhara to express her concern about Shiva’s whereabouts. She gets angry when Dhara tells her that Shiva threatened to burn himself if she interfered. Rishita chimes in and says that Arushi is only fooling Shiva. Raavi agrees and plans to go to the engagement ceremony to remind Shiva that Mittu is his son.

Arushi Welcomes Pandyas

Arushi welcomes the Pandyas to her mother’s house where the engagement ceremony is being held. Raavi and Rishita pay a hefty sum to the auto driver and ask him to wait for them. Shiva introduces his brothers to the Pandyas, and Arushi greets them warmly.

Rishita and the Kids Arrive

Rishita arrives with the kids and confronts Shiva about leaving them behind. Shiva is puzzled by her presence and asks Dev who she is. Rishita introduces herself as Shiva’s sister-in-law and asks Mittu to sit with his father.

Prerna Tells Krish About Her Pregnancy

Prerna apologizes to Krish for stealing Shweta’s blood sample to confirm her pregnancy. Krish is happy and hugs her tightly. Shivank arrives home and is shocked to see them together. Krish tells him that Prerna may be pregnant with his child.

Shweta’s Game Is Up

Dhara cuts Shweta’s hand to get a sample of her blood. Shivank is shocked when he realizes that Prerna and Krish may be having a child together. Shweta panics when she sees her finger bleeding profusely and calls for a doctor. Krish declares that her game is finally up.

The engagement ceremony is progressing as planned for Arushi and Shiva, but tension is brewing in the family. As the news of Prerna’s pregnancy spreads, it threatens to throw Shiva’s family into turmoil. The future is uncertain, and only time will tell what lies ahead for the Pandyas.

Precap: Krish announces that he is going to be the father of Prerna’s child, but Shivank insists that it is his own. A confrontation between the two men seems imminent, and the future of the family hangs in the balance.

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