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Fire Breaks Out: Dev Saves Milapni Devi’s Idol

In the latest episode of “Na Umar Ki Seema Ho,” Vidhi, Hariprasad, and Bimla are stunned when a massive fire breaks out. However, Dev comes to the rescue and manages to save Milapni Devi’s idol. In another instance, a student of Dev shows Vidhi’s video to Satyavati, who is then impressed and offers her certificate and a cheque.

Vijay Lights Fire

Hariprasad later reveals that Vijay had actually started the fire. Vidhi is upset and decides to break all ties with him. However, Hariprasad defends himself, saying that he had taken a loan from Vijay for Vidhi’s marriage and didn’t want to ruin the family’s reputation.

Setting up Milapni Devi Temple Outside

Dev and Vidhi clean the house and set up a Milapni Devi temple outside. Priya suggests to Amba that they sell the house as it is inauspicious for all the women. Even though Amba is in jail, she still expresses her desire to sell the house.

Satyavati Offers Support

Satyavati comes to Hariprasad and Bimla’s house and offers her support. Priya decides to sell the house made by Shantanu Raichand and teach them a lesson. Dev and Vidhi buy one kulfi and enjoy it together.

Notice for Unpaid Taxes

However, the celebration is short-lived as Vidhi receives a notice for unpaid taxes for Balghar. The guy warns her that if the taxes are not paid, the house will be sealed. Vidhi becomes worried as they don’t have enough money to pay taxes.

In the next episode, we will see how Vidhi manages to overcome this obstacle. Stay tuned for more updates on “Na Umar Ki Seema Ho.”

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