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Pandya Store: Arushi’s Plan to Unite Dhara and Her Mother Backfires


The latest episode of Pandya Store has left audiences in shock as Arushi’s plan to unite Shiva and Dhara backfires.

The Episode:

The episode begins with Arushi’s mother, who sees Dhara and gets worried. She advises Arushi to not open the door, but Arushi disregards her and opens the door. Dhara sternly advises Arushi to stop playing games and tells her that Shiva is not a toy. Arushi’s mother, feeling uneasy by the situation, serves Dhara some mango juice. Dhara, being reminded of her mother’s homemade mango juice, drinks it and comments on how she used to make potato papads as well. Arushi’s mother stops herself from blessing Dhara by her mother’s name, who has passed away. Dhara leaves, causing Arushi to get angry.

Krish visits Prerna and warns her about talking to Shivank. Shweta scolds Shivank for bailing them out of a situation, but Shivank explains that it was necessary to become a hero in Prerna’s house. Krish and Prerna argue over Suman’s doubts about Shivank and Prerna’s future together. In the hospital, Dhara and Krish realize that there is no entry for their details in the system, but they find out that it was just Krish’s doing.

Back at the store, Arushi accuses her mother of lying about the mango juice being expensive. Her mother responds by revealing her guilt of not being able to give the same juice to Dhara in the past, leading to her promise of never having mango juice again. Arushi begs her mother to tell Dhara about their relationship and to be a part of their family. Meanwhile, Arushi promises to stay until she can unite Dhara and her mother.

In the precap, Arushi discloses that Dhara and her mother will finally come face to face, and Dhara vows not to mess up things this time.

Key Points:

  • Arushi’s plan to reunite Shiva and Dhara backfires.
  • Krish warns Prerna about Shivank, leading to an argument.
  • Dhara and Krish notice a missing entry for their details in the hospital system, but it is later revealed to be Krish’s doing.
  • Arushi’s mother drinks mango juice, something she had promised never to do again due to guilt over Dhara’s past interactions, causing Arushi to request that she tell Dhara about their relationship.
  • The precap reveals that Dhara and Arushi’s mother will face each other, with Dhara determined not to mess things up again.


The latest episode of Pandya Store has created a stir among audiences as Arushi’s plan to unite Dhara and her mother takes an unexpected turn. Stay tuned for more updates as the show progresses.

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