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Maitree May 22nd, 2023 Episode: Maitree and Harsh uncover shocking revelations in their investigation

In the latest episode of Maitree, Nandish bids farewell to his hosts, unaware of the shocking revelation that Maitree and Harsh are about to uncover. Meanwhile, Nandini tries to convince Princy to marry a groom chosen by her parents, which leads to unexpected consequences. Here’s a breakdown of what happened in the episode:

Ashish’s arrival leaves everyone stunned

  • Maitree tells Dinesh a secret, which she has kept from him
  • Ashish arrives and claims he has come to pick up Nandish
  • Maitree invites him in and Ashish sends his best wishes to Sachin, but gets no response
  • Nandish appears and Ashish warmly embraces him

Nandini pressures Princy to marry a groom of their choosing

  • Nandini introduces Princy to the Groom’s relatives
  • They agree to the marriage and Nandini suggests they schedule the wedding for the next day
  • Princy contacts Sachin to inform him of the upcoming wedding
  • Maitree offers to handle everything and requests the address of the groom’s family

Maitree and Harsh uncover shocking revelations about the groom’s family

  • Maitree and Sachin go to the groom’s house and witness Jitender’s men demanding payment from the groom’s family
  • The groom’s parents promise to pay back the money in two days with the dowry they receive from Princy’s family
  • Maitree and Harsh overhear conversations about the groom’s previous marriages and their plan to collect a large dowry from Princy’s family
  • They look for evidence in the storeroom and find photos from Vimal’s previous marriages

Princy changes her mind about the wedding

  • Sachin informs Princy about his plan to prevent the wedding
  • Princy finds a note and tells her mother she is ready to marry, despite earlier protests
  • Nandini is skeptical of Princy’s sudden change of heart

Maitree and Harsh become trapped

  • Maitree and Harsh threaten to expose Vimal’s marital cheating scam
  • Vimal locks them in the storeroom and walks away
  • Maitree and Harsh’s phone has no network to call for help

The episode ends with a cliffhanger and viewers eagerly anticipate the next episode to see how Maitree and Harsh will escape and what their next move will be.

Stay tuned for the next thrilling episode of Maitree.

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