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Katha Ankahee Episode Update: Viaan Learns How to Treat a Baby

In the latest episode of Katha Ankahee, Viaan learns how to take care of a baby from Katha. Here are the highlights of the episode:

Viaan Learns to Treat a Baby

Katha instructs Viaan on how to take care of a baby using a doll. During the session, Viaan gets distracted by his phone, but later asks Katha how she managed to take care of Aarav alone. Katha reveals that it wasn’t easy, but she had help from her neighbor and Aarav was always well behaved. Viaan can now relate to the feeling of holding a baby in his hands.

Aarav Insists on Talking to a Friend

Aarav insists that Neerja talk to a friend, even though she wants him to rest in bed. He calls up Karan to ask about his absence from their dad’s 11 match and wonders why Ranj isn’t coming even though he has a father.

Viaan Shares his Feelings with a Friend

Viaan shares his feelings with his school friend, Amrita, about his boss, Katha. He assures her that the news won’t leak, but Katha advises him to realize that she’s not just his boss, but also a mother.

Amrita Names Her Baby

Amrita has picked a name for her baby – Nina, which means hope of love in both Hindi and Arabic. Viaan assures her that he’ll visit daily to check up on them.

Viaan’s Qualities as a Good Man and Father

Katha tells Neerja that Viaan has all the qualities of being a good man and father, and is in search of someone who shares the same values. Meanwhile, Aarav tells Katha about Robin’s promise to meet him every day, showing that Robin never breaks a promise.

In the end, Viaan apologizes to Katha on Ehsan’s behalf for lying to her, but Katha doesn’t mind and appreciates Viaan for his efforts.

Stay tuned for the next episode of Katha Ankahee to find out what happens next!

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