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Heavy Rain Causes Traffic Jam, Stranding Imlie en Route to Airport

Imlie, the beloved character of the popular TV show Imlie, faced a difficult situation in this week’s episode. Heavy rain caused a traffic jam on her way to the airport, leaving her stranded and searching for shelter. Here is what happened on this week’s episode:

Recalling Bittersweet Memories

As Imlie drove towards the airport, she couldn’t stop thinking about Kairi’s requests to celebrate Mother’s Day with her each year. The memories of Atharva also caused her immense pain. Meanwhile, Kairi danced with Atharva in a nearby hut, while he felt sad about Imlie’s hurtful words towards him.

Worried Friends and Family

Dhairya, Imlie’s friend, grew concerned when she didn’t reach the airport on time. Rudra asked him why he didn’t bring Imlie along, to which Dhairya replied that she wanted to stay alone for some time and rejected his proposal. Devika, another friend of Imlie, prayed for her safety since Imlie belongs to Atharva.

Stuck in the Rain

Atharv received a call from Chini, who asked where they were. Atharva explained that they were stuck in the rain and would return home when the weather improved. Meanwhile, Rudra called Imlie, who informed him that she was stuck in traffic, and her driver had gone to find a place for her to shelter in.

Looking for a Way Out

Despite security personnel stopping him, Dhairya insisted on trying to reach Imlie. The situation took a dramatic turn, leaving viewers in suspense as the episode ended on a cliffhanger.

The unpredictable weather and Imlie’s difficult situation add an exciting twist to the story, leaving fans anticipating the next episode to know what happens to Imlie. Tune in next week for the next episode update on TellyUpdates.com!

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