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Lovebirds Stuck in Cold Storage in Udaariyaan Written Episode

In the latest episode of the Indian television drama series Udaariyaan, Ekam and Nehmat are trapped inside a cold storage unit, and their loved ones are searching frantically for them. The episode begins with the two characters stuck inside the unit and worrying about what their families will think if they find out about their relationship. Nehmat feels cold, and Ekam offers her his jacket to keep her warm.

Nehmat and Ekam in Tight Space

Naaz, who is also involved in the matter, is at home, and she taunts Ekam’s attitude. Ekam suggests that Nehmat wears his jacket and shows her attitude later on. Harleen believes they should not have left Ekam and Nehmat alone, and Sartaj agrees with her. The two debate whether the love story between Ekam and Nehmat has begun again.

Love Story Takes Flight

Meanwhile, Ekam and Nehmat hold hands and reminisce about their childhoods. They decide to complete their love story without any guilt or pain and to give it a happy ending. However, they are both shivering in the cold and struggling to stay conscious.

Hysteria Breaks Out

As the search for the lovebirds continues, Naaz worries about how long they can survive in the cold storage. Cherry, who is on the phone, gets angry and confrontational with Naaz. Harleen and Sattie are searching for them, and eventually, Naaz enters the cold storage unit with some others. They find Ekam and Nehmat unconscious inside, and Naaz uses this opportunity to create some chaos.

Overall, the storyline of Udaariyaan has most of the viewers on the edge of their seats, wondering what will happen next. The show’s creators have successfully managed to maintain the tension and drama through expert storytelling that keeps audiences hooked.

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