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Faltu fails to bring Ayaan back, Janardhan decides to leave the house

The latest episode of Faltu aired on 17th May 2023 starts with Savita, Tanu and Kanika questioning Faltu about why she couldn’t free Ayaan and why she was trusted in the first place. Ayesha and Kinshuk arrive to find out if Ayaan has been released, but unfortunately, the news is not good. Savita becomes angry and throws her food, blaming Faltu for not bringing her son back.

Here are some of the highlights from the episode:

  • Savita is furious as Ayaan hasn’t been freed, blaming Faltu for lying to her and not keeping her promise of bringing him back.
  • Faltu falls at Savita’s feet and apologizes, saying that she has thought about leaving the house as she has no way to bring him back.
  • Janardhan decides to leave the house with Faltu, as he doesn’t want to stay in a place where his son is in jail and the family is going through such a difficult time.
  • Ayesha is worried about her baby’s future, but Kinshuk is more focused on his dad’s needs and the fact that Ayaan is still in jail.
  • Tanu keeps insisting that she loves Ayaan and wants him back, but Sid tries to convince her to give him a chance as he loves her and can keep her happy.
  • The family is divided as to what to do next, with some suggesting they sell the business and leave, while others want to fight for their rights and self-esteem.

In the end, Faltu decides to stay and not run away, convinced that they should not let Tanu win and that they should stand strong. The episode ends with Tanu telling the family to leave as the house will be auctioned off. Stay tuned for the next episode to find out what happens next in Faltu.

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