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Chandni Tries to Explain Herself to Raunaq: Will She Succeed?

In the latest episode of Chashni, we see Chandni desperately trying to explain her side of the story to Raunaq, but he remains angry and unreceptive. Let’s take a closer look at what happened:

Raunaq Refuses to Believe Chandni

Raunaq is still convinced that Chandni was responsible for his mother’s death and can’t forgive her for it. Chandni tries to reassure him that she had nothing to do with it and is only trying to help him, but he refuses to listen. Their conversation ends in a fight, and Chandni falls asleep beside Raunaq, hoping to reconnect in the morning.

Nani and Nisha Bond Over Secrets

Meanwhile, Nani and Nisha have a heart-to-heart, and Nani reveals that she has diabetes but has to hide it from her family. Nisha is hesitant to share her secret but promises to do so later. Nani thinks that Nisha is hiding something significant but doesn’t press her further.

Chandni Tries to Make Amends

In the morning, Chandni wakes up and tries to make amends by offering Raunaq tea, but he snaps at her for trying to act like his wife. She apologizes and decides to leave, but not before telling him that she wants to make his life easier. Raunaq is moved by her words and realizes that he might still have feelings for her.

Raunaq Apologizes to Sumer

In the precap, we see Raunaq apologizing to Sumer and telling him and Chandni the truth about his mother’s death. It remains to be seen whether Raunaq will finally forgive Chandni and let her go or whether they will reconcile and start afresh.

In conclusion, the latest episode of Chashni is a compelling tale of misunderstandings, secrets, and second chances. It will be fascinating to see how Raunaq and Chandni’s relationship develops in the coming episodes and whether they can put the past behind them and move on. Stay tuned for more updates!

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