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Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni Episode Recap: Kavya Challenges Pratiksha

The latest episode of Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni aired on 22nd May 2023 is full of drama and challenges. Kavya, who is in love with Ravi, challenges Pratiksha to celebrate her honeymoon with Ravi and send their intimate photos to her. Pratiksha feels helpless as she is late and her hotel booking might have been cancelled by now. However, Kavya is determined to celebrate their love.

Kavya Throws A Challenge At Pratiksha

Kavya throws a photo and convinces Ravi not to go back home but to go to another resort. She asks a biker about the location of the resort, and after hearing that it is 30 mins away from their current location, she is determined to go there.

Kinjal Appreciates Pratiksha

Meanwhile, Pratiksha’s sister, Kinjal, appreciates her for spoiling the honeymoon of Kavya and Ravi. She tells Parul that Pratiksha is brave and has taken a stand against Ravi’s illegitimate relationship with Kavya.

Pratiksha’s Love For Ravi

Pratiksha tells Kinjal that she doesn’t care about Ravi’s past and that she is his present. She doesn’t want to let Kavya ruin their relationship. Kinjal is happy to see Pratiksha’s love for Ravi and tells her that she is just like their mother.

Pratiksha’s Decision

Pratiksha reveals that she has let Ravi do whatever he wants to and that she now has the courage to take her own decisions. She credits her bravery to Ravi. Kinjal teasingly asks if she loves him, to which Pratiksha blushes and asks them to go.


The latest episode of Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni is packed with challenges and revelations. Pratiksha faces Kavya’s challenge and stands up against her relationship with Ravi. Kinjal appreciates her sister’s bravery and teases her about her love for Ravi. It remains to be seen how the story unfolds in the next episode.

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