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Kumkum Bhagya 17th May 2023: Prachi and Ranbir’s Relationship in Turmoil

Prachi and Ranbir Argue over Trust Issues

  • Prachi walks into the hall to find Dadi and Shahana waiting for her.
  • Meera informs her that they came because they were worried about her.
  • Shahana mentions that they found out the truth about Khushi and Ranbir, and Rhea might also know about it.
  • The Police Inspector returns and the officials of the NGO leave, requesting to be informed if anything is found out.
  • Prachi and Ranbir argue over trust issues, leaving things on a sour note.

Akshay Shows Concern for Prachi

  • Akshay receives a call and seems tense, later informing someone about finding a missing girl.
  • Prachi returns home with Dadi and Shahana, where Akshay is waiting for her.
  • Akshay explains that he is there because he was worried about her.
  • Prachi reminisces about the happy times she spent with Khushi.
  • Later, Akshay promises to bring back Khushi tomorrow, assuring Prachi that he cares for her deeply.

Khushi Finds Happiness with Ranbir’s Family

  • Khushi becomes a part of Ranbir’s happy family.
  • She plays hide and seek with them and Vikram invites her to sleep next to him.
  • Ranbir suggests Khushi always stay with him, and she agrees on the condition that he tells her stories.
  • Akshay sits with Dadi and assures her that he truly cares for Prachi.

Prachi’s Thoughts about Ranbir

  • Prachi thinks about Ranbir’s behavior and why he didn’t tell her the truth about Khushi.
  • She wonders if there is still a place for her in his life.

This episode of Kumkum Bhagya highlights the trust issues between Prachi and Ranbir, while also showcasing the happiness found by the young Khushi in her new family. Akshay’s concern for Prachi brings a ray of hope for the young girl, while she continues to struggle with her feelings for Ranbir.

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