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Filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar Thrilled to Meet Michael Douglas at Cannes 2023

Madhur Bhandarkar, the renowned Indian filmmaker, is back at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival for the second time as part of the Indian delegation. Bhandarkar, who has just returned from the French Riviera, expressed immense excitement and enthusiasm about this year’s event.

The Mother of Film Festivals

According to Bhandarkar, Cannes has always been a significant event for filmmakers worldwide. He considers it to be the mother of film festivals and a great way to connect with people from all over the globe. Bhandarkar’s excitement stems from meeting technicians and story writers from different countries and getting the opportunity to watch their movies.

Meeting Michael Douglas

One of the highlights of Bhandarkar’s visit this year was meeting Hollywood icon Michael Douglas. Bhandarkar expressed his admiration for Douglas, stating that it was a big fan moment for him. During their conversation, they talked about Douglas’s filmography, including Basic Instinct (1992) and Wall Street. Bhandarkar even shared his appreciation for Douglas’s film King Of California. The filmmaker described Douglas as gracious, charming, and a great personality.

India’s Growing Impact on Global Cinema

Bhandarkar believes that India’s imprint on the global map is only growing stronger with each passing year. During his time at the Indian Pavilion, politicians, actors, producers, and ministers spoke about how India has left a strong mark globally, especially over the last ten years.

The filmmaker believes that the kind of cinema India produces is garnering attention worldwide. For instance, the Oscar-winning song Naatu Naatu from the movie RRR (2022) has caught global attention at Cannes. Bhandarkar expressed pride in the surge of OTT platforms, which has resulted in more opportunities for diverse and creative content.

India, the World’s Biggest Production House

Bhandarkar, who has been a high-profile guest and jury member at film festivals worldwide, believes that India is the biggest production house in the world when it comes to cinema. The filmmaker expressed joy and pride in his country’s accomplishments, stating that he has witnessed the growth of Indian cinema firsthand.

Madhur Bhandarkar’s visit to Cannes 2023 has been a fantastic experience full of exciting encounters and insightful conversations about the future of global cinema. The filmmaker’s admiration for Cannes and his representation of India is a testament to the growing influence of Indian cinema worldwide.

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