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Director of The Kerala Story Hospitalized for Dehydration and Infection

Sub-heading: Sudipto Sen, Director of The Kerala Story, Admitted to Hospital for Dehydration and Infection

The director of the critically acclaimed film The Kerala Story, Sudipto Sen, has been hospitalized for dehydration and infection, according to recent reports. While he assures the public that his condition is under control and he is likely to be discharged soon, the excitement and pressure of the film’s success may have caught up with him.

Sudipto’s Perspective

In a conversation with reporters, Sudipto shared his thoughts and feelings on the film’s success, as well as his own approach to filmmaking:

Excitement and Pressure: Speaking about his hospitalization, Sudipto admits that the past few weeks have been exciting, but also overwhelming. He says, “I am not overwhelmed by the staggering box office figures. I still want more people to see The Kerala Story. I want the message to go out as far as possible. Only then will I consider it a real success.”

Box Office Figures: While Sudipto acknowledges that money is important, he didn’t start working on this subject with money in mind. He says, “Believe me, nine years or more, I got up every morning feeling frustrated that I am unable to do anything.”

Next Film: Even as he enjoys the success of The Kerala Story, Sudipto is already thinking about his next film. He says, “My biggest challenge is my next film… because I have evoked a lot of expectations in the mind of people. I have to do justice to that.”

Family’s Reaction: Sudipto’s success has been a source of great pride and happiness for his family, but it has also put them in the spotlight. He says, “One of my elder brothers is facing all the pressure from the press. My sister-in-law got so intimidated by all the sudden attention that she took a break away from home. But all said and done, my family is indescribably pleased with my success.”

Producer Appreciation: Sudipto is grateful to his producer, Vipul Shah, who took a great risk in backing the film. He says, “Box office news gives me the satisfaction that Vipulji gets his money back. Money will not change me at all. I will have to struggle the same way for my next film and will continue to struggle.”

Sudipto’s Plea

As The Kerala Story continues to draw crowds and critical acclaim, Sudipto hopes that more people will see the film and its message. He says, “I want at least ten percent of the Indian population in the world to watch my film. Only then will I consider it a real success.”

In Conclusion

Despite Sudipto’s hospitalization, it seems that he is in good spirits and focused on his work. With his eyes already on his next project, he is determined to live up to the expectations of his fans and continue to tell important stories through his films.

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