“OMG! Anita and Tiwari Get Broke in Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Ep. Update…But Who Needs Money When You’ve Got Laughter!😂😍”

Easy Loan......Hurry Up!

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd May 2023: Vibhu Struggles to Get a Loan

Vibhu Tries to Help Anu but Faces Financial Troubles

In the latest episode of Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai, Vibhu talks to his friend on call about someone who took money from him and didn’t return it yet. Meanwhile, Anu tells Vibhu that her grooming class rent increased by 15,000. Vibhu suggests buying the place, but Anu informs him that it costs 1.5Cr, and Vibhu assures her that he will manage it by getting a loan from the bank. However, David joins them, and Vibhu gets irritated when he starts talking about Anu.

  • Vibhu tries to get a loan from the bank to help Anu.
  • David interrupts and Vibhu gets increasingly annoyed.
  • Anu appreciates Vibhu’s effort to help her.

Tiwari Struggles to Arrange Money for Raw Material

Tiwari, on the other hand, is struggling to arrange the money for the raw material required for a big order. He calls Agarwal and asks for an advance, but Agarwal says he doesn’t have the money and hangs up. Angoori suggests asking Daddu for help, but Tiwari thinks he will charge a high-interest rate. Tiwari leaves without having dinner, worried about the situation.

  • Tiwari worries about not having money for raw material.
  • Angoori suggests asking for help, but Tiwari refuses.
  • Tiwari leaves without having dinner, anxious about the situation.

Saxena Gets a New Job and Assignments

Saxena meets an entertainment agency, which hires him as a supervising producer for an OTT channel. They give him a project in which families from Kanpur will be selected, and the winners will receive 2.5Cr per family. Saxena looks excited and shares the news with Anu and Angoori.

  • Saxena gets hired as a supervising producer for an OTT channel.
  • The OTT channel assigns him a project worth 2.5Cr for the winning family.
  • Saxena shares the news with Anu and Angoori.

Gupta, Prem, and Master Fight

Gupta, Master, and Prem chat about money in the morning, and Teeka suggests that Prem shouldn’t talk about money all the time. Angry with Teeka’s comment, Prem throws water on him, and it falls on Gupta too. Master starts laughing, and Gupta throws water on him, which leads to a fight between them.

  • Gupta, Master, and Prem argue about money.
  • Teeka suggests Prem not talk about money.
  • They start fighting after throwing water on each other.

Anu and Tiwari Aim to Win the Prize Money

Anu sees that someone has dumped hay in front of her house and wonders who did it. She vents her frustration to Angoori about the rent situation. Angoori tells her that Tiwari is also facing financial issues and that they need to pray for a solution. Saxena appears at their doorstep, excited about his new job as a supervising producer. Meanwhile, Tiwari argues with Vibhu, and Anu and Angoori plan to win the prize money through any means necessary.

  • Anu vents about her financial situation to Angoori.
  • Saxena shares news of his new job as a supervisor.
  • Tiwari and Vibhu argue while Anu and Angoori aim for the prize money.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai continues to entertain with its hilarious subplots and character quirks. Vibhu’s effort to help Anu despite his own financial troubles is commendable, while Tiwari’s struggle to arrange for raw material creates an interesting subplot. Meanwhile, Anu and Angoori’s plan to win the prize money adds to the show’s overall intrigue.

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