“Oh, Just Another Day in Bollywood: See Why Priyanka Chopra Quit a Film After Director’s Creepy Request!”

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Priyanka Chopra Reveals Director Wanted to ‘See Her Underwear’ for Film Scene

Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra has shared another harrowing tale about the dark side of the film industry. Chopra recently spoke to The Zoe Report about a disturbing experience early on in her acting career, when she was asked to perform in a scene wearing only her underwear.

The Disturbing Incident

The actress revealed that she had quit a Hindi film after the director insisted that he needed to see her in underwear for one scene. Chopra found the director’s demand to be “dehumanizing” and felt that her art was being reduced to a mere object of sexual desire.

Chopra’s Response

After the incident, Chopra decided to pay back the production house and leave the project within two days, following advice from her father. She found it unbearable to continue working under such a toxic environment and with a director who had such little regard for her as an artist.

Chopra’s Previous Revelation

This wasn’t the first time that Chopra has spoken out about the difficulties she faced in Bollywood. In March, she revealed on podcast Armchair Expert that she had left the industry due to being pushed into a corner, with people not casting her and politics playing an unfortunate role.

Chopra’s Future Plans

Despite her difficult experiences in the industry, Chopra is set to return to Bollywood with Farhan Akhtar’s upcoming film Jee Le Zaraa. The actress is also keeping busy with other international projects such as Citadel and Love Again.

Lessons to Be Learned

The incident is yet another example of the harassment and objectification that women in the film industry are regularly subjected to. Chopra’s openness and honesty about her experiences serve as a reminder that it’s important for changes to be made within the industry to create a safer and more supportive working environment for everyone involved.

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