“OH BOY! You won’t BELIEVE what Sonali does in Shirdi – Mere Sai May 25th, 2023 Written Update”

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Mere Sai 25th May 2023 Written Episode: Sai’s Divine Power Shocks Everyone

Godhabai’s Thoughts on Sonali’s Behavior

On her way back to her hometown, Godhabai thinks about Sonali and Prabhakar’s behavior. She apologizes to Sonali for not being able to bless her in person but assures her that her blessings are with the couple.

Sonali and Prahlad’s Wedding Rituals

Sonali and Prahlad take their wedding vows and Panditji blesses them as a couple. Kulkarni announces his promise to donate gold and cash equivalent to Sonali’s weight on Prahlad’s birth. Keshav questions the intention behind the donation and Sonali thinks of her missing Nani.

Sai’s Implicit Entry and Coin Miracle

As the weigh balance fails to move despite the donation’s weight on it, everyone is surprised. Just then, Sai enters, and Prahlad greets him. Sai hands Kulkarni the coin given to him as Bhiksha and explains that he doesn’t accept money but has returned it as needed. Sai’s coin miraculously shifts the weight, and Keshav explains the power of Sai’s blessings. Kulkarni gets angry, and Sonali and Prahlad take everybody’s blessings.

Godhabai’s Unexpected Entry at the Wedding

Panditji asks if all elders have given their blessings, and Sai says not yet. Everybody watches in surprise as Godhabai approaches the mandap and blesses Sonali and Prahlad. Sonali hugs Godhabai, much to Kulkarni and Prabhakar’s annoyance.

Sonali’s Mother’s Message and Her Decision

Sai fulfills Sonali’s wish and shows her mother in the sky. Prabhakar dismisses Sai’s power as black magic, but Sonali asserts that Sai is God and she wants to stay in Shirdi with him. She expresses her disappointment in Prabhakar and confesses that staying with Sai has taken away her sorrows.

Coming Up: Sai’s Mysterious Paduka

In the upcoming episode, Shirdi people will witness Sai walking in Paduka for the first time, while a man will visit Sai claiming that his father has left something priceless near him. Sai will give him a Paduka, leaving him baffled.

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