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Parineeti decides to keep her baby

In the latest episode of Parineeti, we saw how Pari’s family finally understands her intentions and supports her decision to keep the baby. Neeti, on the other hand, struggles with her insecurities and doubts. Let’s take a detailed look at the episode:

Scene 1: Pari’s prayers and revelations

  • Pari thanks God for fixing everything and clearing misunderstandings.
  • Chandrika assures Pari of her trust in her all along.
  • Simi arrives and expresses concern, but is assured of everything being fine.
  • Neeti seems worried and Salojna asks her about her doubts.
  • Sanju hugs Neeti, expressing his love and gratitude, but she only feels he cares about the child.

Scene 2: Pari’s hospital visit and Neeti’s concerns

  • Pami and Gurinder express their happiness and satisfaction with Pari’s decision.
  • Neeti serves breakfast and wonders about Pari’s forgiveness.
  • Sanju takes Pari to the hospital for a check-up, despite her reluctance to go with him alone.
  • Salojna tells Neeti about Sanju and Pari’s hugging in the parking lot, increasing her insecurities.
  • Neeti receives a call from Sanju, asking for her help as he has to attend an urgent meeting.
  • Neeti decides to go to the hospital and feels ignored by her family.

Neeti struggles with her doubts

  • Neeti apologizes to Salojna and leaves for the hospital to help Pari.
  • Salojna continues to fuel Neeti’s doubts about Pari’s intentions and actions.
  • Sanju meets Rakesh at the market, increasing the suspense for the next episode.

In summary, the episode portrays Pari’s struggle to make her family understand and trust her, while Neeti continues to doubt her intentions. The episode ends with a cliffhanger, leaving the audience eagerly waiting for the next one.

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