“Naagin Season 6: When Prarthana Saves the Country, and Our Sanity – You Won’t Believe What Happens Next!”

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Naagin Season 6 Written Update: Prarthana Fights to Save Nation, Trisha’s True Identity Revealed

The latest episode of Naagin Season 6 aired on May 21, 2023, showcased Prarthana’s fight to save the nation and Trisha’s true identity being unveiled. Here’s a detailed update on what happened in the episode:

Subheading: Prarthana tries to save the nation from missile attack

● The episode starts with Prarthana trying to save the missile from blasting in five minutes.
● She is attacked by a naagin with a sarp ganda arrow.
● Jeet reveals himself as Trisha’s father and the mastermind behind the conspiracy to ruin the nation.
● Raghu learns about Jeet being the mastermind and Prarthana taking the missile away from the site.
● Prarthana takes half naagin form but couldn’t attack Jeet.
● Jeet claims that he will kill everyone in three minutes.
● Raghu and Prarthana take half naag, half naagin form and fight Jeet and Mahek.
● Prarthana takes the missile to a safe place and Jeet and Mahek fill Trisha with snake poison.

Subheading: Trisha’s true identity revealed as a part of their sinister plan

● Trisha closes all the doors and windows to trap everyone with snake poison.
● Jeet says that Trisha is their weapon for their mission and she will sacrifice her life to ruin the country.
● Trisha’s locket reveals a connection to Jeet and Mahek’s sinister plan.
● The countdown begins, and Trisha’s pendant turns green, signifying the activation of the poison.
● The explosion occurs, freezing people’s blood and putting them in a slow death.
● Prarthana tries to find the antidote formula in the lab to save the victims.

Subheading: Prarthana and Raghu fight to save the victims

● Prashant tells Prarthana that they need the antidote formula to save the victims.
● Prarthana and Raghu try to find the antidote formula.
● Prarthana brings the formula, and Prashant uses it to save the victims.
● Prarthana frees Jeet and Mahek but warns them that she is now Shesh Naagin and will fight to protect the nation.
● The episode ends on a cliffhanger, as Jeet reveals that Trisha’s poison has yet to be activated.

In conclusion, the episode depicted the fight to save the nation from a sinister plan while revealing the true identity of Trisha and the mastermind behind the conspiracy. The cliffhanger ending suggests that there is more action to come in the next episode. Stay tuned for more updates!

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