“Mere Sai 24th May 2023 Update: You Won’t Believe Which Deviant Duo Just Tied the Knot!”

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Mere Sai 24th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Kulkarni’s Devious Plan

Wedding preparations in full swing

The episode starts with Keshav expressing his concerns to Sai regarding his father’s wealth and power. Sai enlightens him with the story of Krishna and Arjun, saying that God always chooses the kinder one and supports them throughout.

Meanwhile, Prahlad sneaks into Sonali’s room and surprises her with her favorite sweets. He tells her that he has agreed to marry her without discussing it with her, but Sonali agrees and wishes for her Nani to attend the wedding.

Vaishali calls Sonali, and Prahlad leaves quickly. The wedding arrangements begin, and Kulkarni supervises the work.

Godhabai’s farewell and Santa’s mistake

Godhabai meets Sai and expresses her gratitude for meeting Sonali and Prahlad. She also tells Sai that she is leaving but is afraid of Sonali’s father. Sai blesses her and advises her to go carefully.

Santa, on the other hand, throws away Prahlad’s letter, which was an application for a job opportunity. A group of kids finds the letter and delivers it to Prahlad.

Devious plan revealed

Kulkarni gives Prabhakar the land papers and reminds him of their deal, saying that Sonali won’t stay in India for long. Prabhakar assures him and says he knows how to convince someone.

Prahlad overhears their conversation and confronts Kulkarni about it. Kulkarni reveals that he wants Prahlad to marry Sonali to please his ego and reputation. Prahlad feels betrayed and leaves to talk to Sonali.

Wedding and a wish

The wedding rituals begin, and Prahlad and Sonali arrive at the mandap. Sonali keeps praying to Sai to fulfill her wish to meet her Nani.

Kulkarni makes a promise to donate gold and money equivalent to Sonali’s weight. However, all the bags that Santa brings aren’t enough to match her weight.

Sai’s intervention

Sai walks in and apologizes for coming uninvited. He shows Kulkarni the penny he had given him and says that he has come to return it. Sonali sits on the weighing scale, and the penny matches her weight.

Kulkarni is left astonished, and Prahlad and Sonali’s wedding concludes with Sai’s blessings.

  • Keshav expresses his concerns to Sai
  • Prahlad sneaks into Sonali’s room
  • Santa throws away Prahlad’s letter
  • Kulkarni reveals his devious plan to Prahlad
  • Sai intervenes and saves the day
  • Sonali’s wish to meet her Nani is fulfilled
  • The wedding concludes with Sai’s blessings

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