“Karishma Tanna’s Dad Had a Surprising Reason For Ignoring Her After Birth – And No, It Wasn’t Because He Wanted a Puppy Instead!”

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Karishma Tanna Shares Heartbreaking Childhood Memories

In a recent interaction with Siddharth Kannan, Karishma Tanna opened up about her childhood and revealed some heartbreaking memories. The actress shared that her father wasn’t happy when she was born, as he wanted a son to carry forward their lineage. Here are some key takeaways from her interview:

Family Pressure: According to Karishma, there was family pressure on her father to have a son, which is common in traditional Gujarati families. The pressure was so intense that her father didn’t even visit the hospital to see her for a month after she was born.

Second-Hand Treatment: Karishma also revealed that her grandparents used to give them second-hand treatment because they were two daughters. This kind of behavior is unfortunately still prevalent in many cultures.

Heartbreaking Revelation: When Karishma’s mother told her about her father’s reaction, it broke her heart. She realized that her father did love her, but circumstances forced him to act differently.

Successful Daughter: Despite the initial disappointment and family pressure, Karishma didn’t let it affect her. She decided to “be your son” and proved that she could be just as successful as any son would be.

Keeping it Real: Karishma Tanna is known for keeping it real on social media, and her honest revelations about her childhood are no exception. Her story is a reminder that gender discrimination is still prevalent in many parts of the world, and we need to work together to change it.

Final Thoughts

Karishma Tanna’s childhood memories are heartbreaking but also inspiring. She didn’t let her father’s initial disappointment and family pressure affect her, and she became a successful actress who is loved by millions. Her story is a reminder that we should never let others’ expectations and prejudices limit us.

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