“Jimmy Sheirgill can’t stop raving about Aazam’s screenplay, but let’s be real, who really cares about good writing in movies?”

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Jimmy Sheirgill believes talent can come from anywhere and is not averse to working with new directors. In his latest film Aazam, he puts his faith in the relatively unknown director Shravan Kumar. Here are some highlights from a recent interview with Jimmy about the film:

The Plot of Aazam
Aazam is a thriller that takes place over the course of one night in Mumbai. During this time, a series of events occur that shake up the city’s underworld, political system, and police force. The film’s screenplay is one of the finest Jimmy has ever read in Hindi cinema, and he sings praises for the talented director Shravan Kumar.

Jimmy’s Initial Reluctance
When he first heard that Aazam was about one night, Jimmy was hesitant to sign on. Having done many films that required long hours of night shoots, Jimmy wasn’t thrilled about the idea. However, after reading the script, he changed his mind.

The Power of a Great Script
Despite initially resisting the idea of doing Aazam because of the night shoots, Jimmy’s love of reading made him pick up the bound script and read through it. He was quickly hooked and knew he had to be a part of the film. Jimmy believes that the script is always the hero, and if a good one excites and challenges him, he’ll work with any director.

Why Shravan Kumar Impressed Jimmy
Jimmy had no idea that Shravan Kumar was both the writer and director of Aazam until after he had read the script. He was impressed by Shravan’s vision and how intricately he had planned every detail. Jimmy knew then that he wanted to be a part of the project.

Working with New Directors
Jimmy has always been willing to work with new directors, such as Aanand L Rai and Tigmanshu Dhulia, among others. He understands the power of a fresh perspective and how it can bring a unique element to a film. For him, it’s all about timing, and if a script excites him, he’ll work with any director.

In Aazam, Jimmy Sheirgill and Shravan Kumar have come together to create a gripping thriller that promises to be one of Hindi cinema’s most exciting releases. With great scripts and talented directors, Jimmy continues to push the boundaries of his craft and deliver captivating performances every time.

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