“Is Arnold Schwarzenegger planning to take over Hollywood and leave Sylvester Stallone in the dust? You won’t believe what we uncovered!”

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Plans to Outshine Sylvester Stallone Again

The rivalry between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone may have seemed ancient history, but it looks like the Terminator star has a secret plan to outshine his former rival once again. Here’s what we know:

The Hollywood Feud That Never Truly Ended

During their peak years in Hollywood, Schwarzenegger and Stallone engaged in a legendary feud filled with snarky comments and jabs, each aiming to be the ultimate action superstar. Despite burying the hatchet and becoming friends in recent years, the competitive spirit between the two still burns bright.

New Ventures in Television

Both action icons have recently ventured into television with Stallone earning critical acclaim for his role in Taylor Sheridan’s crime drama series “Tulsa King.” Meanwhile, Schwarzenegger is set to showcase his comedic chops in the upcoming Netflix action comedy, “FUBAR.”

Schwarzenegger’s Plan to Outdo Stallone

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Schwarzenegger expressed his admiration for Sheridan’s work and how thrilled he would be to collaborate with him. However, the Terminator star’s desire to outshine Stallone can’t be dismissed. According to him, his ’80s mindset was all about seeing himself as the winner and being number one, even if it meant besting his rival.

The Ultimate Showdown in the World of Television?

It’s unclear if Schwarzenegger’s cunning plan will come to fruition, but if he manages to surpass Stallone in television, it would be a new chapter in their storied history. Stay tuned to see if the Terminator star has one more surprise up his sleeve to show his former rival that he’s still got what it takes to be number one.

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