“Harsh becomes a real-life hero and actually helps someone in Maitree! You won’t believe what happens next!”

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Maitree 19th May 2023: Harsh Helps Find Missing Nandish

In the latest episode of Maitree, Harsh is on the phone with his mother when Nandish goes missing. Ashish sets out to find him, while Nandish becomes disoriented on the road. Here’s a recap of what happened:

Harsh Recalls His Father’s Torture

Harsh’s mother inquires if he ate anything while on the phone. Harsh informs her he ate at Maitree’s house and is on his way back. She requests that he speak with his father, but Harsh is in a hurry and hangs up the phone. He recalls his father torturing him and becomes angry.

Nandish Goes Missing

Ashish discovered that Nandish is not in his bed and that his clothes are also missing. He sets out to find Nandish, who becomes disoriented on the road. Nandish walks around, crying out for Maitree and approaches an old man to ask for her address. The old man pulls Nandish away and walks away.

Maitree and Ashish Look for Nandish

Maitree wakes up in the middle of the night and worries about Nandish. Ashish contacts her to tell her that Nandish has gone missing, and Maitree offers to alert her father and the authorities. Nandish nearly gets into a car accident while trying to get Maitree’s address, but Harsh saves him. Dinesh phones Varun to request they look for Nandish, while Maitree and Sachin set out on their own.

Nandish Becomes Friends with Harsh and Maitree

Harsh attempts to learn more about Nandish and his family and eventually discovers that Nandish is referring to Maitree as his mother. Harsh becomes determined to help Nandish find Maitree, and they ride to her house on his bike. Nandini notices them being followed and mistakenly thinks her son has been kidnapped.

Maitree Helps Find Nandish

Maitree and her parents appear, just as Nandini grabs Harsh’s collar and accuses him of stealing her son. Harsh explains he is a friend of Maitree, not a kidnapper, and Nandini lets go of his collar. Harsh questions Maitree about why she didn’t answer his phone calls, and she tells Ashish that they will soon find Nandish.

The search for Nandish continues in the next episode of Maitree. Will they be able to find him soon? Stay tuned to find out!

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