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Harman Baweja denies past relationship with Priyanka Chopra Jonas

Former Bollywood actor Harman Baweja recently gave an interview, where he denied any past relationship with Priyanka Chopra Jonas. However, sources reveal that they were indeed seeing each other and were quite serious about their relationship.

Denying past relationships is a common occurrence among Bollywood celebrities.

Priyanka and Harman’s past relationship

Harman and Priyanka were reportedly involved in a serious relationship, which ended on a sour note. However, Harman recently claimed that their linkup was a media-driven affair.

Sources reveal that Priyanka would confide in friends and family about her love for Harman, and they were seen together quite often.

Priyanka even bailed out Harman during the shooting of Love Story 2050, after Kareena Kapoor opted out of the project, by agreeing to play the lead.

Harman’s denial

In a recent interview, Harman denied his past relationship with Priyanka, claiming it to be tabloid media journalism. However, sources share that he was quite serious about Priyanka and even wanted to get married to her.

Bollywood’s Denial Syndrome

Harman is not the only Bollywood celebrity to deny past relationships. Many well-known actors and actresses remain secretive about their romantic relationships, often denying them when asked in interviews.

Every relationship is a part of our growth process, and denying them is to negate a fundamental aspect of our evolution as human beings. Perhaps it’s time for celebrities to embrace their past relationships as a precious legacy and be more open about their romantic lives.


It may seem like a small matter for celebrities to deny their past romances, but denying a fundamental part of growth can have lasting effects on personal well-being. While it’s understandable that celebrities want to keep their private lives out of the media’s spotlight, it’s important to accept relationships as a part of growing up.

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