“Happu Ki Ultan Paltan: Blackmailer’s Brilliant Idea to Ruin Mother’s Day – You Won’t Believe What He Asked Happu to Do!”

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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan: Happu Talks About Blackmailing Issue

Happu Comes to PS and Tells Manohar About His Problem

The episode starts with Happu coming to the PS. Manohar asks him if someone has beaten him. Happu tells him that someone is blackmailing him, and tells everything.

Rajjo Asks Laundry Woman to Wash the Saree Properly

Rajjo asks the laundry woman to wash the saree properly. The laundry woman asks Rajjo to bring the same saree for her. Vimlesh says it is costly.

Happu Gets Blackmailer’s Call

Happu comes home. He gets the blackmailer’s call who asks him to give the saree to someone else. Happu tells Rajjo that she was looking fat in that saree and asks her to give that saree to the laundry woman.

Lady Tries the Saree and Complains Her Tongue Is Black

He gives it and asks her to try it. The lady tries it and tells that her tongue is black. Rajjo comes to Amma and complains to her.

Happu Gets a Message to Take Away Wine Bottle from Amma

Happu gets a message that he shall take away a wine bottle from Amma. Rajjo cries and Amma sympathizes with her. Happu comes there and asks Amma to return the bottle. Amma says she has drunk it already. Happu asks her to give it to him.

Beni Tells Vimlesh He Always Loved Her

Vimlesh asks Beni if he loves her. Beni tells that he always loved her and he doesn’t think something else.

Kamlesh Gives Opinion to Kat on Her Looks

Kat cries and tells Kamlesh that Happu gave Mummy’s saree to the laundry lady. She says if he gives her makeup to someone else. Kamlesh says she will look scary without makeup.

Happu Receives a Threatening Message from Blackmailer

The Paan seller tells Happu that the blackmailer seems to be familiar, who knows about his house. Happu boosts about him. Paan seller asks them to make a call to the blackmailer. changez looks at them from far. Happu sends the threatening message to Blackmailer. Blackmailer messages them to get slapped by Paan seller. They get slapped by Paan seller.

The episode ends with a twist.

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