Hansika Motwani Frightened by Hormonal Injection Rumors – Could This be the Juiciest Scandal of the Year?!

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Addressing the Rumours: Hansika Motwani Talks about Growth Hormone Injections

Hansika Motwani, a popular Indian actress, has once again spoken about the rumours surrounding her that claim she received growth hormone injections from her mother at the age of 16. In a recent interview with an entertainment portal, she opened up about how she dealt with the situation and her fear of needles.

Hansika’s mother, Mona, has also questioned these accusations, sarcastically asking where she could get such injections so that she can become richer than Tatas and Birlas. She further added that envious people pay someone to write bad things about them, and one would never know who is writing all such malicious stuff about them.

Below are some key points from the interview:

  • Hansika discussed how being a celebrity means that one has to be prepared to deal with rumours.
  • These rumours occurred before social media became popular, and Hansika has already addressed them in her wedding reality show.
  • She admitted to being scared of needles and revealed that she cannot take an injection or get a tattoo to this day.
  • Hansika questioned why a mother would do such a thing to her own daughter and said that people are envious of her growth.
  • She believes that she is doing something right, which is why people still talk about her.

In conclusion, it is crucial to acknowledge that celebrities often deal with rumours and accusations that are false. Hansika and her mother have denied these rumours, and it is important to respect their statements. It is commendable to see Hansika address this topic and talk about her experience, creating awareness around such sensitive matters.

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