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Priyanka Chopra Opens Up About Early Career Casting Couch Experience

Actress Priyanka Chopra has recently shed light on the casting couch experience she faced early in her Bollywood career. The actress, who has become a global superstar, revealed in a recent interview that a director once asked to see her underwear while shooting a scene.

The Incident

According to Chopra, the incident took place in 2002-03 during the filming of a movie in which she was playing an undercover agent. As part of her character, she was supposed to seduce a guy and take off one piece of clothing at a time. Chopra wanted to layer up for the scene but the director demanded to see her underwear. The director said, “No, I need to see her underwear. Otherwise, why is anybody coming to watch this movie?” The actress called the moment dehumanizing and felt like she was being used solely for her looks.

Walking Out

Chopra revealed that she chose to walk out of the film after only two days of filming and paid the production out of her own pocket for what had been spent. “I felt violated. I felt dehumanized. I felt like dirt,” she said. The actress also added that she couldn’t look at the director every day after what happened.

Chopra’s Experience in Bollywood

This is not the first time that the actress has spoken out about facing the casting couch in the Indian film industry. In the past, she has shared her experiences of being asked to compromise and faced gender bias within the film fraternity. However, despite the challenges she has faced in Bollywood, she has continued to make a name for herself in America.


Priyanka Chopra is not the only one who has spoken up about facing such experiences in the film industry. There have been several instances when women have faced exploitation and harassment while trying to enter the industry. However, more and more actresses are stepping forward and sharing their stories, which is setting a precedent for others to do the same. It is important to acknowledge and expose the negative aspects of the entertainment industry so that necessary actions can be taken to prevent such practices from continuing.

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