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Four Daughters’ Story to be Presented in a New TV Series

মানালি-বাসবদত্তা-স্নেহা, the names of three renowned actresses in Bangladesh, are all set to bring the story of four daughters through a new TV series. The series is expected to capture the life of four women and present it before the viewers.

The Cast

The TV series will feature four skilled actresses as the main characters. The leading roles will be portrayed by Manali De, Sneha Chatterjee, and Basabdatta Chatterjee. Although the fourth daughter’s character is yet to be finalized, Soumili Biswas is rumored to be in the running.


The shooting for the TV series is scheduled to begin in June this year. The show promises to add a unique flavor to the taste of its viewers.

The Story

It is expected that the TV series will present an entirely different story. The four daughters’ journey will revolve around their lives’ complexities, their challenges, and the importance of staying united through thick and thin.

The entertainment industry enthusiasts already seem excited about the prospect of the new series, and it is anticipated to receive a warm response from the audience.

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