“Get Ready to Be Blown Away by the Mundane and Predictable Decor at Parineeti Chopra and Raghav Chadha’s Engagement – You’ll Never Guess What It Looks Like!”

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Designer Decodes Parineeti Chopra-Raghav Chadha’s Engagement Décor. Bonus – New Pics

Parineeti Chopra and Raghav Chadha recently got engaged in a beautiful ceremony in Delhi’s Kapurthala House, and the décor was curated by The Wedding Design Company. The official Instagram handle of the company shared stunning pictures of the décor, and the post revealed interesting insights into the couple’s preferences and personalities.

The Brief

According to the post, the décor had to be easy yet curated, with a thought behind it. The couple wanted something more personalized than just some things put together. The Wedding Design Company team carefully chose their elements, such as vases, potted plants, small details, books, styling of the creepers, and a low seating arrangement for guests’ comfort. The idea was to create a serene and calming atmosphere.

The Elements

Personal images are usually a part of the décor, but Parineeti and Raghav wanted to keep it different. The team chose images of places close to their heart, such as London, where they met, and Punjab, which holds a special place in their hearts. Flowers were added to mark a touch of romance without over-powering the décor. The centerpiece of the décor was a working fountain that created a beautifully peaceful atmosphere.

The Pictures

The post has several pictures of the décor with detailed captions that provide insights into how the team created the overall look. The images portray the beauty and uniqueness of the décor, giving us a peek into the couple’s style and taste.

The Couple

Parineeti Chopra and Raghav Chadha made their engagement Instagram official with a beautiful post capturing the intimate moments of the ceremony. The couple looked lovely together, and their happiness could be seen in their faces. Priyanka Chopra also flew from Los Angeles to attend the festivities, adding to the charm of the event.


The Wedding Design Company has once again done an excellent job of creating personalized and intimate décor for a couple’s special day. By listening to the couple’s preferences and story, they have created a beautiful atmosphere that truly encapsulates the couple’s essence. Congratulations to Parineeti and Raghav on their engagement!

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