“From Launch to Limbo: Daisy Shah spills shocking secret about why being Salman’s protégé doesn’t guarantee success in Bollywood”

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Daisy Shah talks about her slow Bollywood journey and having no regrets

Despite being launched by superstar Salman Khan in Jai Ho, actress Daisy Shah’s Bollywood journey hasn’t been an easy one. In a recent interview, she talked about her slow rise to fame and how she’s not regretful about it. Here’s what she had to say:

From Assistant Choreographer to Bollywood Debut

Daisy Shah was an assistant choreographer before she made her Bollywood debut alongside Salman Khan in Jai Ho. While the film did well at the box office, Shah hasn’t had as many offers from filmmakers as one would expect after starring in a Salman Khan film.

No Regrets, Lots of Projects

Despite facing a few lows in her career, Daisy Shah says she has no regrets. In her recent interview with Indian Express, Shah said, “I have no regrets. After films, I am now doing Khatron [Ke Khiladi], and I also have a couple of more projects lined up. I will start shooting for them once I come back from South Africa. I am considering this as a chance to connect with a wider audience now. Honestly, I work to please myself and not others. I am happy with what I am doing in life.”

Excitement for Stunt Reality Show

Shah will soon make her debut on Rohit Shetty’s stunt-based reality show, Khatron Ke Khiladi 13. In the same interview, she said she was excited about the show’s format and how it challenges contestants to do things they wouldn’t otherwise do. Daisy added, “I am not worried about competition. I am not saying this to sound overconfident but I believe one should take these opportunities for experience and not fight with others. Why put someone down for just a show? I only want to gather memories while in the show.”

No Announcement Yet on Upcoming Projects

While Daisy Shah has a couple of projects lined up, she hasn’t announced any upcoming movies yet.

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