“EXPOSED: Dia Mirza Turns to Twitter for Answers About Shocking Lack of Blue Tick Despite Paying for a Decade – You Won’t BELIEVE What Twitter Had to Say!”

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Dia Mirza’s Twitter Account Loses Verification

Actress Dia Mirza has taken to Twitter to ask for help in getting her blue verification tick back. Despite having a verified Twitter account since 2010, her account doesn’t show the verification tick. The actress has reached out to the microblogging site for assistance but hasn’t received a response yet. This news has sparked reactions from her followers, some offering solutions and others lamenting Twitter’s policies.

The Loss of Verification Ticks on Twitter Accounts

Twitter recently removed the blue verification ticks from accounts that had not purchased its paid blue tick service. This means several celebrities including Amitabh Bachchan, Virat Kohli, and Shah Rukh Khan had lost their blue ticks on April 21. Since this announcement, Twitter subscribers have been looking out for verification ticks, and Dia Mirza’s reaction to her missing verification tick has added fuel to the fire.

Dia Mirza’s Work Front

Dia Mirza is set to return to the big screen in “Dhak Dhak,” where she will be sharing the screen with veteran Ratna Pathak Shah, rising star Fatima Sana Shaikh, and newcomer Sanjana Sanghi. This Tarun Dudeja-directed movie tells the story of a girl gang going on a road trip, and fans are excited to see Dia Mirza back in action.

Reactions from Fans

Many Twitter users sympathized with Dia Mirza and felt that Twitter was depriving users who contribute to society while rewarding trolls. One fan replied to Dia’s tweet, saying, “You don’t need a blue tick. Everyone knows you. You are a good soul.”

Filmmaker Amoghavarsha suggested that if Dia had changed her profile picture, it could take a week or so for the blue tick to reappear. However, Dia confirmed that she had not changed her profile picture.


Twitter’s removal of the blue verification tick from legacy accounts has sparked conversations on the platform. Dia Mirza’s tweet asking for help has garnered a lot of attention from fans and followers. Let’s hope that Dia’s blue tick issue can be resolved so that she can continue sharing her thoughts on Twitter with authenticity.

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