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Katha Ankahee 17th May 2023 Episode Updates

The 17th May 2023 episode of Katha Ankahee had some interesting plot twists. Here’s a breakdown of what happened:

Amita’s Contractions

  • Amita asks Viaan about his relationship and if he has someone he wants to tell.
  • Viaan figures out that she’s experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions and offers to stay and help.
  • Keith leaves, threatening Viaan to take care of his wife.
  • Amita and Viaan share a moment, where Amita asks about Katha, Viaan’s lead architect.

Katha’s Meeting with Aarav’s Teacher

  • Katha receives a call from Aarav’s school and goes to see him.
  • She finds out that Aarav is in some tension and takes him home.
  • Katha questions Aarav about what’s bothering him, and he tells her about the stress he’s under due to exams.
  • Katha comforts him, and Yuvraj and Mr. Garewal offer words of support as well.

Conversations Between Viaan and Amita

  • Viaan reads his poetry to Amita and offers fruits to eat.
  • Amita talks about the unique feeling of pregnancy and the upcoming changes in their life.
  • Viaan worries about being a good parent and is afraid of making mistakes.

Vanya’s Thoughts on Viaan

  • Vanya labels jars and contemplates Viaan’s thoughts about moving on from complaints with a loved one.
  • She wants to get Viaan’s mentorship to find an opportunity to communicate with him.

Farah and Teeji’s Conversation About Viaan

  • Farah and Teeji discuss their doubts about Viaan, but all are resolved after Teeji keeps an eye on him.
  • Teeji tells Farah about Viaan’s obsession with Katha, and Farah laughs it off.

Katha’s Discussion with Aarav’s Family

  • Katha talks to Kavit and Mr. Garewal about Aarav’s exam-related stress and the school culture.
  • They discuss ways to help Aarav deal with the pressure, such as spending time with family.

Neera and Katha Talk About Aarav

  • Katha talks to Neera about Aarav’s stress phase and suggests talking to his teacher in the parent-teacher meeting.

Precap of Next Episode

  • Reet tells everyone that Katha couldn’t give Aarav attention due to being busy with something else.
  • Viaan feels the baby’s kick and agrees with Katha that a parent needs to connect with their child before birth.
  • Batman tells Robin about a teacher pressurizing students, and Robin plans to talk to the teacher.
  • Katha hears Viaan talking to Aarav.

Stay tuned for more updates on Katha Ankahee!

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