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Successful Surgery of Abhir in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

The Episode

The episode begins with everyone asking Aarohi about Abhi’s condition. Aarohi informs them that Abhi isn’t Dr. Abhimanyu Birla and he is crying. Manish suggests explaining the situation to Abhi. However, Aarohi tells him that they have no time and Abhi needs to start the surgery, or they will lose the patient.

Akshu’s Fight against Fear

Akshu tries to comfort Abhi while singing “O maiyya ji…” Abhi hears her and starts the surgery. Later, she doesn’t drink water and continues to sing, fighting everyone’s fears. Finally, the surgery gets over and Abhi informs everyone that Abhir is fine.

Abhinav’s Relief

Abhinav expresses his gratitude and hugs Abhi. Akshu cries and goes to Abhi, who assures her that Abhir is fine. Akshu thanks him and apologizes for doubting him.

Family’s Emotional Reunion

The family rejoices in Abhir’s successful surgery. Abhinav asks about meeting Abhir, but Rohan tells him to wait for some time. Ahi comforts Akshu and assures her that Abhir will soon start talking.

Abhir’s Self-Reflection

Abhir apologizes for hiding in the trunk and tells Abhi that it’s not always parents’ mistake for scolding babies. Meanwhile, Abhi checks the reports and informs Abhinav that everything is perfect.


Manjiri tells everyone that Akshu and Abhinav took Abhir to Kasauli. Abhi calls Akshu and asks her to come back.

In the end, the family reunites and rejoices in Abhir’s successful surgery.

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