“EXCLUSIVE: The Kerala Story to Break Box Office Records with Theatres Refusing to Screen for THREE More Weeks!”

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The Kerala Story Continues to Face Roadblocks in West Bengal

The Kerala Story, a controversial film that has been breaking box office records, is still facing obstacles in West Bengal even after the Supreme Court lifted the ban on it. Theatre officials in the state claim that advance bookings have already been allotted to other films, making it impossible to screen The Kerala Story for the next few weeks.

Ongoing Conflict between State Government and Apex Court

As of May 18, the ban on the film was lifted, but the State Government has yet to issue a new circular to resume its screening. This has resulted in an ongoing conflict between the government and the Apex Court (Supreme Court).

Blockbuster Film, but no Screenings for 2-3 Weeks

The MD of Priya Entertainment, Arijit Dutta, expressed regret over the situation, stating that The Kerala Story is a blockbuster film and that all slots have already been filled up for the next two weeks. He added that it would not be possible to cancel the booked slots to make room for the new film. According to him, only after two to three weeks can they think about screening The Kerala Story.

Court Directs Filmmakers to Issue Disclaimer

The film had been embroiled in controversy over its figures of conversions in Kerala. In response, the Apex Court directed the filmmakers to issue a disclaimer stating that there is no authentic data to back up the claim of 32,000 conversions or any other established figure. The disclaimer will also state that the film represents a fictionalized version of the events.

Despite the lifting of the ban, The Kerala Story continues to face setbacks in West Bengal. With conflicting interests and limited screening opportunities, it remains to be seen how the situation will be resolved.

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