“Exclusive: Celebrities Reveal Shocking Truth About Nepotism in Bollywood – You Won’t Believe What Divya Dutta Had to Say!”

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Divya Dutta talks about Nepotism in Bollywood and her upcoming projects

Bollywood actor Divya Dutta recently spoke about the challenges faced by emerging actors and the impact of nepotism in the industry. In an exclusive interview with ANI, she shared her thoughts on how stardom comes and goes, but the audience’s love is well-earned.

Facing Challenges in a Glamour World

As per Divya, the glamour world comes with higher stakes, and everyone watches and makes an actor’s image. She faced these challenges, and even now, everyone faces them. Despite the amount of marketing, only what is loved by the audience withstands in the industry. She also said that even a small film could work well without any marketing, and a small actor can make his place in Bollywood.

Nepotism in the Film Industry

Divya said that nepotism is present everywhere, and even those born into the industry have to go through their own set of challenges. She believes that natural curiosity eventually gives way to the capabilities of the child. The audience is curious about the lives of stars and their children, but ultimately, it’s the trust that the audience has in an actor to do good films that matters.

Upcoming Projects

Divya is currently excited about her upcoming projects, which include three web shows and four features. She will be starring in ‘Sharmaji Ki Beti,’ directed by Tahira Kashyap, and ‘Nazar Andaaz.’ She is also part of a film with Dibakar Banerjee, Anubhav Sinha, Anurag Kashyap, and Suniel Shetty, where she is playing the role of a cop. Apart from these, she will also be starring in two international English films.


Divya Dutta’s perspective on nepotism in Bollywood brings to light the challenges that actors face while trying to establish themselves in the industry. Despite all the glamour, stardom comes and goes, and what matters most is the audience’s love. Divya’s upcoming projects reveal her excitement and dedication to her craft, which fans can look forward to.

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