“Chandni Drops the Ball Again and Ruins Sanjot’s Master Plan! You WON’T Believe What Happens Next in this Wild Chashni Update!”

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Chandni and Raunaq come up with a plan

In the latest episode of Chashni, Chandni and Raunaq are seen having a conversation about Sanjot and her evil plans. Chandni tries to calm Raunaq down and tells him that they will find a way to send Sanjot to jail. Here’s what happened in the episode:

Raunaq is ready to take matters into his own hands

Raunaq is feeling guilty about what happened to Roshni and says that he needs to kill Sanjot for what she did. Chandni stops him and tells him that they need to find a way to send Sanjot to jail.

Chandni comes up with a plan

Chandni tells Raunaq that they need to find proof against Sanjot and expose her in front of everyone. Raunaq agrees and together they come up with a plan to trap Sanjot.

Sanjot is still plotting against Roshni

Meanwhile, Sanjot is still scheming and planning how to destroy Roshni’s happiness. She sends a box of sweets to Roshni and asks her to get Sumer to sign some papers. Chandni overhears this conversation and decides to act fast.

Chandni foils Sanjot’s plan

Chandni takes the box of sweets and tells Sanjot that she wants them for herself. Sanjot agrees and the box falls, causing the sweets to spill on the floor. Chandni thinks quickly and tells Sanjot that the sweets got wasted and that she needs to make more.

In the precap

In the precap, Chandni tells Raunaq that they need to find Sanjot’s weakness. Raunaq says that Sanjot has only one weakness. Sanjot, on the other hand, tells someone that she has a trump card up her sleeve. What is Sanjot’s plan? Will Chandni and Raunaq be able to stop her? Tune in to the next episode of Chashni to find out.

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