“Cannes 2023: Actress Brings Pet Crocodile to Cartier to Shop for Diamonds, You Won’t Believe What Happens Next!”

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Princess of Cannes: Urvashi Rautela’s Iconic Crocodile Necklace

Urvashi Rautela made headlines at the Cannes red carpet for her stunning pink gown and a unique accessory – a reptilian necklace that caught many people’s attention. While some were creeped out by the crocodile necklace, it is actually an iconic piece from Cartier with a storied past.

The Design of the Crocodile Necklace
The Cartier crocodile necklace that Urvashi Rautela wore is made of gold and set with diamonds and cabochon emeralds and consists of two intertwined crocodiles. The necklace is a stunning piece of jewelry that has been worn by only a few people since its creation.

The Backstory of the Necklace
The crocodile necklace has a fabulous backstory, just like the necklace itself. As Forbes reports, in 1975, Mexican actress Maria Felix walked into Cartier’s Paris boutique with her pet baby crocodile in tow. She commissioned a special necklace that replicated the crocodile’s face and features as closely as possible. The original necklace is part of Cartier’s historic jewellery collection and is among the most expensive in Cartier’s range.

In 2018, Cartier recreated the crocodile necklace as well as three other companion pieces, including a bracelet and a ring. The iconic necklace was worn by only one other person – actress Monica Bellucci – who paired it with a white shirt at Cannes in 2006.

Urvashi’s Reaction to the Necklace
Despite the iconic nature of the necklace, Urvashi Rautela is dismayed by the meme fest her necklace generated, writing on Instagram: “To all members of media, I have sentiments attached with my high-jeweled crocodile masterpiece necklace.”

In Conclusion
Urvashi Rautela’s crocodile necklace may have caused controversy, but it is an iconic piece with a fascinating backstory as fabulous as the necklace itself.

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