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Sub-Heading: Rhea’s Jealousy and Akshay’s Feelings Take Center Stage in Kumkum Bhagya

Rhea’s jealousy towards Prachi and Akshay’s growing feelings for her become prominent in the latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya.

Morning Dramas at Ranbir’s House

The episode opens with Rhea insisting that Ranbir have breakfast with her before leaving for an important meeting. Ranbir resists, but Rhea’s persistence pays off as he eventually agrees to have a quick meal. However, Rhea cannot help but feel jealous when she spots Prachi’s photo in Ranbir’s cupboard.

Akshay’s Hidden Agenda

Meanwhile, at the office, Akshay praises Mr. Bhalla for his successful business idea. Akshay’s ulterior motive is to thank Prachi for the idea, as he intends to impress her. However, when he tries to reach her, he discovers that she is not in her cabin.

Prachi’s Advice to Akshay

Prachi later offers Akshay valuable advice after he shares his plans to make Mr. Bhalla’s deal a success. She advises him to be honest and express his feelings, including his excitement for the deal and any romantic feelings he may have for her.

Rhea and Prachi Cross Paths

On the other hand, Rhea is less than thrilled when she comes face to face with Prachi at the office, and both of them accidentally drop some papers on the floor. Ranbir tries to help but ends up causing more chaos, leading to an awkward moment.

Akshay’s Confession

Later in the episode, Akshay finds solace in the fact that Prachi has helped him and decides it’s time to confess his feelings to her. Fans of the show will be eagerly anticipating how Prachi will react to Akshay’s revelation.

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Overall, the latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya promises many twists and turns, and fans of the hit TV show are dying to know what will happen next.

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