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Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 22nd May 2023 Update: Amba Imagines Dev and Vidhi Everywhere, Priya Gets Amba’s Bail

The latest episode of Na Umar Ki Seema Ho starts with Priya telling Amba that their house is inauspicious and their days are numbered with her presence. Priya also informs Amba about Simmy’s participation in the dance program and her plan to meet Abhimanyu to avoid any custody-related problems in the future. Meanwhile, Vidhi visits Rao Ji’s office to meet him but is faced with his son, who insults her during her charity presentation.

In another scene, Satyavati gets hurt and is unable to teach the children, leading Vidhi to inquire about her career choice. Amba starts imagining Dev and Vidhi in her room and kitchen, leading her to consider selling the house. Dev informs Vidhi about Priya getting Amba’s bail, and they discuss the plan to make Amba trust Priya.

Below are some key highlights from the episode:

Priya’s concern about Simmy’s custody

Vidhi’s encounter with Rao Ji’s son

Amba’s imaginative hatred towards Dev and Vidhi

Dev’s warning to Vidhi about Priya’s true intentions

Priya getting Amba’s bail

The possibility of Dev and Vidhi losing their balghar

In the precap, Priya and Amba share a drink and discuss Vidhi’s foolishness, and Dev warns Vidhi about their house being auctioned.

In conclusion, the episode showcases the complex relationships between the characters and their plans to achieve their goals, leading to unexpected twists and turns. With an interesting storyline and strong performances by the cast, Na Umar Ki Seema Ho is a must-watch for drama lovers.

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