“Breaking News: Suhaagan episode goes from dry to juicy as Phoolwati spikes Ram pyaari’s chai! You won’t believe what happens next!”

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Phoolmati Conspires Against Bindiya and Ram Pyaari

Episode Summary

The latest episode of Suhaagan starts with Phoolmati stealing money from Bindiya’s book, which she had earned to buy medicine for Amma. Phoolmati buys a big injection and some medicine, planning to hurt Ram Pyaari directly. The next morning, Bindiya notices that Ram Pyaari is not eating and feeling unwell. She takes her to the veterinary doctor, who diagnoses her with an infection and prescribes an injection worth 150 Rs. However, Bindiya only has 120 Rs and doesn’t have enough money to buy the injection, risking Ram Pyaari’s health.

Phoolmati and Bhim’s Conspiracy

Unable to watch Bindiya suffer, Phoolmati and Bhim come to the farm holding kerosene oil, planning to burn it down at night. However, they get caught by a farmer, who rebukes them and warns them of the consequences of polluting the farm. Undeterred, Phoolmati decides to carry out the plan at night.

Payal and Rekha’s Struggles

Meanwhile, Payal is massaging Rekha’s feet, and Rekha’s friend comes over to take Payal along to lift shopping bags. Rekha scolds Payal and tells her to change her clothes. The episode shows Rekha’s struggle to make ends meet and her abusive behavior towards Payal.

Bindiya’s Solution

Faced with the dilemma of not being able to afford the injection for Ram Pyaari, Bindiya decides to sell her mother’s chain. However, she changes her mind and comes up with a new idea to make money.

The episode ends on a cliffhanger, leaving fans excitedly waiting for the next episode.

  • Phoolmati steals Bindiya’s hard-earned money
  • Ram Pyaari falls sick, and Bindiya can’t afford her treatment
  • Phoolmati and Bhim plan to burn the farm
  • Rekha’s struggles to make ends meet
  • Bindiya decides to sell her mother’s chain but changes her mind

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