“Breaking News: Salman Khan Surprisingly Finds Himself on Hit List – Who Knew Being a Superstar Could be So Risky?”

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Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi Plans to Eliminate Salman Khan and Sidhu Moosewala’s Manager

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan and Sidhu Moosewala’s manager were the top names on the list of 10 main targets planned to be eliminated by jailed gangster Lawrence Bishnoi, according to his confession to the National Investigation Agency (NIA). The gangster cited Salman Khan’s hunting of a blackbuck in 1998 as a reason for wanting to kill him.

Salman Khan on Bishnoi’s Hit List

  • Lawrence Bishnoi revealed that Salman Khan was the main target on his hit list of 10 people.
  • In 1998, Khan had hunted a blackbuck, which is considered sacred by the Bishnoi community.
  • The gangster had reportedly ordered a recce of Khan’s Mumbai residence.

Increased Security Measures for Salman Khan

  • Mumbai police have provided Y+ category security to Salman Khan following the threat from Bishnoi’s gang.
  • Maharashtra State government had taken this step after the actor received a threat letter from the Lawrence Bishnoi gang.
  • In April this year, Khan received another death threat call, Mumbai Police said, weeks after a man was taken into custody for sending a threat email to the actor.

Confessions of Lawrence Bishnoi

  • Bishnoi, currently serving time in the Tihar Jail, confessed to procuring two semi-automatic pistols from America through Goldie Brar for the Gogi gang.
  • The Gogi gang allegedly attacked and killed Tillu Tajpuriya inside his Tihar jail cell in April this year.
  • Mumbai Police also booked jailed gangsters Lawrence Bishnoi, Goldie Brar, and Rohit Garg for allegedly sending threatening emails to actor Salman Khan’s office.

Other Targets Planned for Elimination

  • Lawrence Bishnoi also confessed to targeting Shagunpreet, the manager of the late Punjabi singer Sidhu MooseWala.
  • Shagunpreet was on his hit list as he managed the accounts of the late singer and had also sheltered Vicky Middukhera, a student leader in Punjab politics, who supported Lawrence Bishnoi and was subsequently killed.
  • The gangster further revealed that Vikas Singh, a strongman from Uttar Pradesh’s Ayodhya, had provided shelter to operatives and henchmen of his gang at the latter’s hideout.

Court Grants NIA custody of Lawrence Bishnoi

  • On April 18, Delhi’s Patiala House Court granted seven days of custody of Bishnoi to the NIA in a terror funding case related to pro-Khalistani outfits.
  • Lawrence Bishnoi, accused in the Siddhu Moosewala murder case, was arrested by the Punjab police last year.

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan and Sidhu Moosewala’s manager were on the hit list of jailed gangster Lawrence Bishnoi’s plans for elimination. His confessions to the NIA also revealed his involvement in procuring pistols for the Gogi gang and his alleged connections with other strongmen. Mumbai police have increased security measures for Salman Khan following the threat from Bishnoi’s gang.

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