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Salman Khan signs 5-year deal with Zee5 for exclusive satellite rights

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has signed a 5-year deal with Zee5 for exclusive satellite rights to all his films, starting this year. Despite the lukewarm response to his last film, Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan, Salman Khan remains one of the most formidable superstars in the Indian film industry.

Zee5 and Salman’s long-standing relationship

Zee5, a popular streaming platform in India, was also the distributor for Khan’s last film, Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan, and was responsible for the digital release of his recent film, Radhe. The response to Radhe was so overwhelming that the platform’s servers crashed on the first day.

Salman Khan has an enviable lineup of films in the pipeline

Salman Khan recently revealed that he has one film under Karan Johar’s production, while Sooraj Barjatya is planning a film with him and his brother Sohail Khan is also ready with a subject.

Tiger 3 is not part of this deal

Yash Raj Films already have a deal for the satellite rights of Tiger 3 with another platform. So, the deal between Salman Khan and Zee5 doesn’t include this film.

The exact amount for this new deal hasn’t been revealed yet, but his last deal was reportedly worth Rs 400 to 500 crore.

This deal is a testament to Salman Khan’s enduring popularity and highlights the importance of streaming platforms in the distribution and profitability of Bollywood films.

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