“Breaking News: Sahiba and Angad decide to move in together… in the same room?!”

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Sahiba and Angad’s Nok Jhok Continues

In the latest episode of the popular television drama series Teri Meri Doriyaan, Sahiba and Angad have a heated argument over their living arrangements. Here’s a rundown of what happened:

Locked Out

Sahiba heads to the store room but finds the door locked. She calls her maid for help. Just then, Angad appears behind her and shuts her mouth before dragging her to his room.

Angad’s Accusation

Angad accuses Sahiba of acting like the perfect tenant and making him look bad. He insists that from now on, she must stay in his room. Sahiba demands her room key back since she can’t stay with Angad.

Sahiba’s Protest

Angad shows Sahiba all of her belongings in his room and claims that he saved them from the store room. Sahiba warns him to stop his antics and return her keys because she isn’t used to staying up late at night. However, their argument only escalates.

Sahiba’s Threat

Sahiba threatens to break the lock on the store room door and storms off. Angad worries that she might actually follow through with her threat and checks on the lock.

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