“Breaking News: Richa Chadha Encourages People to Attend Cannes 2023, Tells Critics to Cool Their Jets and Not Take a Giant Dump on Anyone!”

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Richa Chadha Responds to Cannes Conversations with Fashion Mentions

Actress Richa Chadha is all set to attend the Cannes Film Festival this year. The actress recently took to her Instagram handle to address the ongoing conversations surrounding the festival.

Richa, who attended the renowned film festival in 2015 for the movie ‘Masaan’ along with actor Vicky Kaushal, had a word of advice for those commenting on the event. The actress urged people not to “s**t on anyone” and let them be excited to attend the festival.

Here are some highlights from Richa’s Instagram posts:

  • The actress reminded people that the Cannes Film Festival is, after all, a FILM festival
  • Richa asked people not to discourage anyone and let them be excited
  • The actress shared a throwback photo of herself from her 2015 visit to Cannes
  • Richa talked about the marketing aspect of the festival and how it’s a great venue for marketing
  • The actress also reminisced about her 2015 visit and how the standing ovation at the Grand Palais was the best feeling in the world

Richa’s Instagram stories came after multiple discussions about fashion on the red carpet. She pointed out that many of the people attending the event are there as influencers for brands, and not for a film. Richa said that these people should not be shamed and that it’s important to remember the purpose of the festival itself.

Richa’s appearance at the Cannes Film Festival this year is eagerly awaited by her fans. The actress has always made her presence felt on the red carpet, and her fans are looking forward to seeing what she chooses to wear this time around.

In conclusion, Richa Chadha reminded people to be kind and supportive, and not to bring down anyone’s spirits. Cannes is a film festival where people come together to celebrate the art of cinema and not just the fashion on display.

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