“Breaking News: Realme just hired a random guy named Shah Rukh Khan to promote their smartphones! You won’t believe what happened next!”

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Realme faces backlash for Shah Rukh Khan endorsement

Realme, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer, recent endorsement deal with Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan has caused a stir on social media, with many users criticizing the move. Here’s what people are saying:

“Welcome back” — Anonymous

  • This user didn’t comment on the endorsement deal but instead gave a casual welcome back.

“Literally who?” — Anonymous in response to Nifol

  • User questioned who Shah Rukh Khan is.

“One of the wealthiest actor in the world.” — Anonymous

  • This user responded to the first user’s question and highlighted that Shah Rukh Khan is one of the richest actors.

“Love the way he’s holding the phone like a smelly, dirty sock” — G

  • G received backlash for their rude remark about Shah Rukh Khan’s posture while holding the phone in the advertisement.

“The big question is will does Realme expect its customer to believe that Shahrukh Khan will be using a sub INR 35K phone for his daily usage? The answer is No.” — Anonymous

  • This user questioned the authenticity of the endorsement deal and believes that Shah Rukh Khan wouldn’t be using the phone in his daily life.

“If only they improve on specs instead of spending millions on celebrity endorsements” — Anonymous

  • This user believes that Realme should focus on the quality of the phone rather than celebrity endorsements.

“I don’t know why they spend money on this! these artists all use iPhone or Samsung” — Anonymous

  • This user questioned the purpose of celebrity endorsements when many stars use iPhones or Samsung devices instead of the endorsed product.

Realme and Shah Rukh Khan’s endorsement deal has become a topic of controversy with users questioning the authenticity and purpose of the deal. While some believe that the endorsement deal is unnecessary and a waste of money, others are criticizing Shah Rukh Khan’s posture in the advertisement. It remains to be seen how Realme responds to the backlash.

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